Why the JAMStack

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What is the JAMStack and why use it?

Why The JAMStack?

What is the JAMStack?

The JAMStack is a new way of build web experiences utilizing JavaScript, APIs, and Markup. These web experiences can be websites, Ecommerce sites, blogs, or even web applications. This new development paradigms take advantage of advancements in technology such as serverless, microservices, and new JavaScript libraries such as React. A JAMStack site is not a traditional monolithic stack such as WordPress, Drupal, SquareSpace, or LAMP. This new paradigm allows you to gain a competitive advantage, transform your organization's processes, enhance the customer experience, reduce costs, and improve security.

Creating More Opportunities

Revenue and Opportunities

Amazon found that for every 100 milliseconds of load times sales are reduced by 1%. In 2018 Akamai, a company that serves over 15% off the world's internet traffic, released a study that every 100 milliseconds of load time causes a 7% drop in conversions and a 6% drop in sales.  Also, they found that websites that take over 3 seconds could be losing nearly 50% of their traffic. These types of numbers are constantly repeated by nearly every study of web performance. Google and Bing the two largest search engines have publicly stated starting in early 2018 at how important speed is for every site and that it will continue to become a more important aspect of their ranking algorithms. We can see at how important a well-optimized site is for the success of every organization.

Website Loading and Revenue Impact

"Your Web Presence Should Be a Competitive Advantage"

Digital Transformation and Your Organization

Tell Your Story Better

The world is full of noise and it is getting harder to communicate with your various stakeholders. You can share your story with the right people at the right time. The JAMStack gives you the ultimate flexibility with your Content and Data. Think of a mesh connecting your various data sources and then displaying it in the most appropriate place. Let your marketing team update the main site from a modern Content Management System, your Sales team updates a partner portal with live pricing data to drive opportunities , and your team members can access an internal portal to access important messages and documents. You can even integrate with mobile apps, digital signage, desktop applications, or IOT devices.

Work Better

A modern content development pipeline can include dozens of individuals and many different teams. The content can then be distributed to a wide variety of interfaces or displays such as websites, web apps, mobile apps, or IOT devices. The question becomes how do empower your non-technical staff and reduce friction speed up deployment time? Modern content management systems are light years ahead of last generation monolithic systems such as WordPress and Drupal. An easy to use interface allows you to connect to multiple frontends and deploy content to the correct audience. Your development teams will also enjoy a better development experience using modern JavaScript libraries, technologies such as GraphQL, and often serverless deployments reducing the time needed managing hosting infrastructure.

Choose the Best Tools

You always want to choose the best tools for the job and why let your web presence be any difference. Stop getting locked into platforms that force you do things their way. The beauty of the JAMStack is you can choose the best Ecommerce tools, payment processors, analytics, CMS, Job Board, or whatever other features your organization needs. This often enhances your customer experience, helps your team work better, and stops your developers from trying to force together solutions.

Better Mobile Experiences

Easy Mobile Apps

We've already seen how important site load speed is for growing revenue, improving conversions, and growing your brand. It becomes even more important with nearly 60% of searches now taking place on Mobile devices. These searchers have higher expectations, expect a mobile friendly browsing experience, and often also are utilizing slower internet connections. These challenges make having a well optimized site even more important for every organization. A Google study showed that a mobile visitor's bounce rate increases by 53% for a website with 3 second load time and almost 90% for a 5 second load time.

Over the last few years a new technology has started to emerge called Progressive Web Apps or PWA. This allows you to offer your visitors a mobile app without the significant cost and complexity of designing a standalone native mobile app for your organization. A recent case study about George.com, a WalMart Brand,  started offering a PWA and increased conversions by 31% and page views by 20%. This technology offers other enhancements including offline support allowing visitors to view your site without an internet connection or when their connection drops. This technology is actively developed by large internet companies including Google and Mozilla. Offering a Progressive Web App is a cost-efficient way to generate revenue and convert traffic. 

Stay Secure

We live in an era of constant and continuously evolving digital threats to your web presence and data. Every week the story of a new attack or hacking incident is in the news. The JAMStack is inherently more secure than traditional monolithic platforms such as WordPress or Drupal. Since your content, data, services, and your view layer or frontend are all separate an attacker can never access all of them. In most cases they will be unable to identify any of the other services such as a CMS, ecommerce platforms, or databases. This makes it nearly impossible for them to get the "key to castle" and access important information. Attacks not only can expose organizational information but also expose sensitive customer data. This can not only create significant financial losses but also create long term reputational damage.

Unlock Future Opportunities

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