David Sofield


I believe modern technology should empower you and your organization to accomplish your objectives. Best of breed solutions give you a competitive advantage over your competitors and customized solutions allow you to hit the ground running.

Website and Ecommerce Development

Every website should be stunning, fast, secure, and easy to manage. Almost every organization exists in a competitive landscape and needs to view their website as a tool to compete. How can your website help you convert more visitors, gain better search engine rankings, and grow your brand? I always work to align your objectives with the delivered solution.


A fast website is imperative for a good user experience and will give you a significant edge in regards to SEO and Conversion Optimization. A slow site will decrease revenue, leads, and other types of conversions.


Having a secure website protects your business, intellectual property, customers, and avoids unnecessary costs. The technologies utilized and active steps taken when developing a site enhance overall security.

Modern Solutions

Technology changes quickly and you want a future proof solution that gives you an edge. I encourage every client to utilize modern Jamstack sites, modern CMS, and other best in class solutions.

Search Engine Optimized

Search engines are important for the success of every organization and it is important to start with a solid foundation meeting 100% of the best practices laid out by major search engines.

Conversion Optimized

It is important to identify all your goals and then include best practices for increasing conversions in every page of your website.


A truly accessible website benefits everyone and may be required by law depending on your organization. Every website I build utilizes the latest best practices for accessibility.

Website and Application Development

I craft modern web applications that align with the objectives of your organization. I utilize modern technologies including React, GraphQL, Javascript, CI/ CD pipelines, testing suites, and Serverless deployments. Developing a web application whether for internal use or customer facing is a significant undertaking for any organization. Depending on the project I'll work as a solo external developer, a member of your team, or gather an agile team of trusted experienced developers to complete your project on time and on budget.
An often overlooked aspect of website or application success is the underlying infrastructure that is critical for reliability, speed, security, and costs. A modern infrastructure or deploying your applications is crucial. You need a 100% uptime and a quick load time. These not only affect the user experience, but also can negatively impact your SEO and Conversion Rates. Your hosting can also present you with a surprisingly high cost if not well thought out and monitored.

Infrastructure and Performance

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